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Cliff’s Notes for Landlord-Tenant Bills/Acts

Right now there are three landlord-tenant bills and one act, and activity is about to pick up.

You may recall that Arkansas enacted a criminal failure to vacate bill that is identical to the pre-2001 law. It is now Act 159.

In addition, Rep. Laurie Rushing has introduced a bill, HB1166, requiring “implied quality standards” of landlords. This bill sounds as though it will bring about more fairness, but it won’t. More information coming on the next post. This bill will come up Wednesday in the House Insurance and Commerce Committee. It will almost certainly pass, so its opponents will concentrate on the Senate. For now: read the post on 1166 to see why it is not a good idea.

SB600, introduced 3/3, and sponsored/cosponsored by Sen. Will Bond, Rep. Sarah Capp, and Rep. Warwick Sabin, is a streamlined, simplified, civil eviction bill that will make it easier for individual landlords and tenants to proceed pro se (without attorneys) and ensure both sides a hearing. This bill will create a fairer eviction procedure and will benefit both landlords and tenants!

HB2135, introduced 3/6, and sponsored/cosponsored by Reps. Greg Leding and Warwick Sabin, is an implied warranty of habitability that will provide habitable premises for tenants, give them remedies of lease termination or injunctions to force repairs, and prevent landlords from retaliating against tenants who exercise their rights. This, too, would be a significant improvement in Arkansas law.