Ashley Bachelder et. al, Out of Balance: Arkansas Renters Share Their Experiences Navigating the State’s Unique Landlord-Tenant Laws, University of Arkansas for Medical Studies, July 2015

This study surveyed tenants with respect to repairs, habitability, health issues caused by defective premises, and minority status.

Human Rights Watch, Pay the Rent or Face Arrest: Abusive Impacts of Arkansas’s Draconian Eviction Process Feb. 4, 2013

This report focuses on the failure to vacate statute, explains how it is unconstitutional, and explains its harsh effects on the lives of undeserving tenants who are its victims.

Lynn Foster, The Hands of the State: The Failure to Vacate Statute and Residential Tenants’ Rights in Arkansas, 36 U. Ark. Little Rock L. Rev. 1 (2013).

This article contains a survey of all Arkansas district courts summarizing how each court deals with the failure to vacate statute. It argues that the statute is unconstitutional. It also discusses Arkansas’s lack of an implied warranty of habitability.

Non-Legislative Commission on the Study of Landlord-Tenant Laws, Report, 2012.

This report summarizes the most serious ways that Arkansas residential tenants’ rights are deficient compared to those fortunate enough to live in other states. It also contains nine unanimous recommendations by the Commission, half of whom represented landlord groups or groups sympathetic to landlords, and the other half of whom represented tenants’ groups or simply desired to see fair landlord-tenant law. Not a single one of the recommendations of the group has been carried out at this time, four years later.

Ashley Bachelder et. al, Health Complaints Associated with Poor Rental Housing Conditions in Arkansas: The Only State Without a Landlord’s Implied Warranty of Habitability, Frontiers in Public Health (2016).

This report summarizes the findings of a 2015 survey of Arkansas tenants regarding household conditions, tenant health, and relationships with landlords.