SB 25 Now in the House–Jan. 30

Senate Bill 25 passed the Senate today. For a record of who voted, click here. The powers behind this bill (largely the Arkansas Realtors Association, we believe) are in a big hurry. It’s only week 4 of the legislative session, and they are pushing this bill through the General Assembly as quickly as possible. We noted something odd today. The bill originated in the Senate and was heard by the Senate Judiciary Committee. But on the House side, the bill has been routed to the House Insurance and Commerce Committee, and not the House Judiciary Committee. Why? Do the realtors believe that the House Insurance and Commerce Committee will be more favorable? And did they persuade the person who assigns bills to committees to agree with them? This identical bill was introduced in 2015, and it was heard by the House Judiciary Committee.

It’s certainly on the fast track. It’s scheduled to be heard by Insurance and Commerce on Wednesday. Come to the hearing, if you can. It’s scheduled for 10 am in Room 149 of the Capitol. House hearings are recorded, so if you don’t attend you can watch/listen to the hearing later.

This is bad news, and will not really help landlords, for reasons we will explain in a subsequent post.